Your reputation reflects the satisfaction of your patients. A better reputation attracts more patients to your hospital.
  — In-game Description 


  • The overall objective is to increase your hospital’s reputation so you can get more patients per shift, which will increase your profits.
  • More profit will mean you can expand your hospital and will be able to research more illnesses to make your hospital more efficient. This is why the shift statistics is important to help you strategize.
  • Here’s a tip: Having a very high reputation isn’t beneficial when you’re not ready with enough rooms or research is lacking. A safe percentage would be around 60-70% once most rooms are in place and research is average. It’s easier to manage and you can work on increasing your reputation slowly.
  • Take note though that neighbors can help increase your reputation when they visit you, which you can also do the same.

Improve OptionsEdit

  • Ask a friend to improve the reputation (Ask)
  • Newspaper Advertising Price: 2 Gold +10% (Buy)
  • Leaflet Distribution Price: 5 Gold +30% (Buy)
  • Main Street Banner Promotion Price: 7 Gold +50% (Buy)
  • TV Advertising Price: 12 Gold +100% (Buy)

Additional FactsEdit

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