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  1. Welcome! Let's do a quick tutorial and get your hospital started accepting patients.
  2. This is Hospital's editor. Click on it to buy new rooms. You'll need two types of rooms for the reception of patients: diagnostics rooms and clinic rooms.
  3. Choose a place for a new room.
  4. Add Diagnostics room.
  5. Choose a place for a new room.
  6. Add Treatment room.
  7. Press OK to finish editing.
  8. Well done! Now you need to hire doctors. Click on the empty room. Friends can be hired as doctors for free. More than that, they upgrade their experience faster!
  9. These doctors are available for employment. Choose the doctor and press "Hire". A hire price of a doctor depends on his level. Friends can be hired for free.
  10. Hire another doctor.
  11. Super! Now your Hospital is ready for new patients! Press this button to start working shift. Income (payment for treatment) and expense (staff salaries) of your Hospitals will be calculated during the whole work shift. At the end of the work shift you can take the profit.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You've successfully completed the tutorial! Your reward: $ 1000.
  13. Start with quests for better understanding of the gameplay.

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